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Glow sticks - 8 inch long

Glow sticks - 8 inch long


Glow sticks (each 8 inch long)

Quantity:  at  £0.25  each


Suitable for making necklaces, bracelets, anklets, glowballs and much more...

only 25p each (while stocks last)


These premium 8'' glow bracelets are great for any event! Kids and adults alike love them because they are bright, colorful and lots of fun. Keep your children a little safer at night during halloween, camping or any other outdoor event by lighting them up and making them glow.

They can also be used as glow necklaces by attaching 3 bracelets together with included connectors. Let your imagination have fun and be creative. Great fundraisers at fairs, school dances, parades, and festivals. Make your new years celebration a little more memorable with a glow stick party! Safe and easy to use, simply snap and shake to activate.

Last approximately 8 -10 hours



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